Application Development.

Smartphone usage, which is increasing in popularity day by day and has skyrocketed in recent years, pushes every company or business to develop applications. The mobile application market is expected to exceed 600 billion dollars in 3 years. Phones, which are in every aspect of our lives, are used much more than computers. In such a situation, it is inevitable to develop applications.

96% of the apps can be downloaded for free. The number of apps published in the App Store every month is 32 thousand 986. As Puisoft, we would like to support you with the applications you will develop. How?

Let's keep going!

Application Development

How do we do it?

We get all the information we can before development. We compile brandbook studies and ideas that have been done with the general outlines of the application. We create a design draft accordingly.

How you start a project is a demo of how you will finish it! We create preliminary preparations in a serious and planned way. We work with you at every stage from the development phase to the delivery of the application.

Project Development Stages

We Listen to You: The most important step before project design. We need to understand you well to realize your dream application. Our consultants transfer the information they receive from you about how your application will be to our expert team accurately and regularly.

We Project: From dreams to ideas, from ideas to implementation, we evaluate and draw each area separately. We make a preliminary presentation to you during the project design phase and underline the points to be emphasized.

We Design: As puisoft, we transfer our UX and UI experience and innovation knowledge to design. As we work with you in every field, we present the design to you in this field and get approval. We create the most suitable and modern design for your application.

Developing: Our designs are turned into reality by our expert teams. We offer you the demos we create at every stage and we get your ideas in every aspect of the application development phase.

We Provide Support: We stand behind every kind of problem after the application is published. The quality of our work is not only in the use of the application, but also in solving any problems that may occur afterwards.

We Are Improving: We are always on the lookout for new technologies. We are also available to update your app or bring improvements in the development core to your app.

What do we use in development?

We know very well what we do and how we do it. That's why we do what we love and follow the latest technology.



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