Website Management.

Managing websites is a job that requires as much time and attention as building them, as well as professionalism. You may not have the time to keep the website up to date with blogs and articles, or to implement new software updates.

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Website Management.

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If you want your website to stand out in search engines like Google and Yandex, keep it up to date. This can disrupt your business plan and in some cases take days.

Writing content about the business you work for can interrupt the work you are already doing. Finding suitable images, creating them if they don't exist, identifying article topics and writing them will take up most of your time.

How do we do it?

Setting up your server: Your server settings should be selected and adjusted completely according to your needs. Buying features that you do not need will cause an increase in cost more than necessary. Buying less will prevent your website from working correctly. We choose and configure what suits you best.

We are organizing: We have mentioned how important it is to code the website correctly. We support the editing process with the latest technology development languages and transform it into a clean coding. This process will directly affect the website speed.

Cleaning up: During the development phase, 3rd party software and code blocks can often be used. In such cases, sometimes plugins and code included on the page do not work at all. There is no need to tire your website for resources that don't work.

Developing: The biggest mistake that happens to websites with a strong visual interface is using high-resolution and high-dimensional images. By optimizing such images, we allow them to open fast.

We Provide Support: We stand behind what we do. We continue to provide support even after we deliver your website back to you. Our expert team is here for any questions and problems you may have.


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